Johnny Talker
VoIP the easy way


The tool has a dual form.
Johnny Talker is a core in form of daemon, which works in background and makes all hard labor releated with VoIP. It runs independently of the final application.
This is a main part and you need it for every final VoIP application.
Check requirements before download.

Johnny Client is a client library which makes control and communication with server comfortable and transparent.
Library can be delivered with final VoIP application and then you needn't download it on your own. It's required to build client from sources.
Check requirements before download.

Source code

Stable releases

Project is in a development phase and there is no stable version available for now.

Development releases

Development versions may not be very stable, but usually have more features. They should be compilable and work (somehow). Only developers and brave users should use it.
In fact a development versions are the only available releases for now ;)

Johnny Talker - 20051031 - main site, mirror
Johnny Client - 20051031 - main site, mirror

Binary packages

Binary versions for Linux i386, statically linked. Tested with Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu 5.10.

Johnny Talker - 20051031 - main site, mirror
Johnny Client - 20051031 - main site, mirror


If you like live on the edge, you can try a version from SVN. It's more current development version, but may be more buggy. You shouldn't need to use it, unless you're a developer of the program which uses Johnny Talker.

Subversion server is read-only and public availlable. It's synchronized with my local SVN server. To obtain latest version you need a subversion client. More info about program can be found in Subversion Book.

Note: Due to technical reasons SVN server isn't currently publicly available.

Getting the code

To get a trunk of Johnny Talker do:
(here will be proper code)

To get a trunk of Johnny Client do:
(here will be proper code)